Rate of Fire
– Pro & Semi-Pro: 12bps
– D1, D2, D3, D4: 10bps

I’m sure many of you have heard the rumors that the PSP will be reducing the rate of fire for each division. From the information that I have gathered, there is no official number for the rate of fire but it will definitely be lowered. The rumored RoF’s for Pro & Semi Pro; 12bps, D1-D3 10bps, D4-D5 8bps.

The following was was taken from PBNation from a post by Lane Wright, guy who runs PSP.

“First, I want to clear up the “ignorant” comment. I meant ignorant as it is defined — unaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge

If you’re me to present you with the “numbers” of other companies in order to gain your trust, that isn’t something that I can do.

I can give you this number — a group of people who contribute 1.1 million into our 2.4 million dollar operating budget say they want a lower ROF. When it gets right down to it, that’s the basis of the decision.

I agree with their interpretation of THEIR numbers and why this is what they want. I also recognize that above and beyond what they pay PSP, they put additional millions into the teams. What they want is paramount in what I do going forward. It has to be.

You are correct that I should probably “act” a little more professional. But it would be just that – an act. I’m not professional. I don’t pretend to be professional. Honestly, I don’t think it is either one of the more important or more highly regarded qualities needed to do my job well.

I don’t dress professionally. I don’t look professional. I don’t act professional. I’m not a professional. I am a paintball player who happens to get into a position to make decisions for PSP.

The rate of fire is going to be lowered. That is an absolute fact.

You guys can talk about it, complain about it, discuss the heck out of it. But the fact remains, I believe that the best thing to do for all involved is to lower the ROF.

I didn’t make this decision one night at dinner. This has been discussed and thought about for months.

I have information that isn’t, nor is it going to be, available to the masses. That’s just the way it is.

The game will still be fun for just about everyone. The best teams will still win. The best players will still be the best players. Tournament paintball will go on. Next year no one will be complaining about this. 5 years from now, no one will even remember this. I have been through dozens and dozens of changes that “everyone” said exactly this same type stuff about. Just about every one of those decisions was a good decision.

The 2 that i think were wrong —

Separating the NXL from everything.
Increasing the rate of fire because we had the technology.

Both are being corrected (my opinion).”

SD Feature, PbNation Sponsored

I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to.

PbNation, the site that was so against the NPPL and their Fox Sports deal, is now sponsoring a TV show called SD Feature. It’ll be aired on Colours TV on Dish Network and some cable companies in, count them, 4 states. It means that I, and no one I know, will be watching this on TV.

Also, it’s not really a paintball show. It’s a sports show that features paintball in maybe one or two episodes.

Each episode will feature one sport – Paintball, Martial Arts, or Surfing, with an emphasis on Paintball and the Martial Arts, along with segments that focus on music and fashion in today’s pop culture.

Yup, paintball, right next to martial arts and fashion on a barely available channel. This is going to be a hit!

But the interesting part of this is PbNation. I’m really tired of them making any sort of “news,” if you call this site that, but it’s too ironic to pass up.

They banned the NPPL becuse of it’s Fox Sports deal is now promoting it’s own (well, not it’s own, but they’re sponsoring it) TV show.

Kinda weird, don’t cha think? But they want to make sure everything is clear.

Guys lets keep the NPPL drama out of this thread.

PbN – Guys, no talking about the NPPL thing
Me – But, isn’t it kinda related?
PbN – No, now shut up
Me – But…

Seriously, either this is the worst timed press release ever or the whole PbNation NPPL thing just got a bit fishier. It’s starting to feel like a soap opera. I’m kinda having fun watching PbNation digging itself into a deeper hole.

PbNation to NPPL, We’re Sorry, Kinda

pbnvsnppl-cropped.pngThe stupid saga of PbNation and NPPL continues.

Now, Ed won’t close the NPPL forum, but the ban on and are still there. Way to stand up for something only half-assed.

And the thread is now full of mods and admins trying to defend the owner’s dumbass actions. He should’ve never gotten involved in the first place. If anyone should’ve gotten involved, it would be MWAG, Derder, or Traumahead, not PbNation. But have any of them made a statement? Not to my knowledge. They’re keeping quiet, probably trying to talk to the NPPL or just let it happen and just filmed the other fields.

And, is any other site getting involved with this? Nope. They aren’t going to touch it with a 20 foot pole. It’s a bonehead move to ban the largest (or second, I don’t really know) tournament series.

And they’re still saying that they’re doing it for the “little guy”. Bullshit. When has PbNation been for the little guy? O, that’s right, never. This is all about the possible loss of revenue from MWAG.

Also, the supposed shaft they all were getting? Not so bad. The NPPL told them a week before hand and didn’t charge for the media passes, supposedly. Others, ones related to PbNation, are saying they got the Joan Collins special. I’m thinking no one has the facts straight, but I’ve got to side with the NPPL on this one until I hear otherwise.

But we still have ridiculous statements from mods.

So reminiscent of the Smart Parts thing. Rational thinking vs. Hype. Sacrifice morals for profit.

What? Why the hell haven’t you banned Smart Parts then? They’ve pulled so much more crap than the NPPL has ever done. But has PbNation ever made a stand against them? Hell no. I guess it’s probably due to all the money they give you to advertise. And you wonder why people doubt you.

All you care about is money. You care about paintball indirectly. It brings in the money, so you have to care about it. If you don’t, the money dries up.

To PbNation. You don’t find out how much power you have until you have none at all. You’re pretty close to none.

PbNation to NPPL, We’re Hypocrites

pbnvsnppl-cropped.pngPbNation has made another post going into more detail about the whole NPPL issue.

Here’s the deal. The NPPL excluded films crews to film the center court, and only the center court, for the Boston NPPL. PbNation didn’t like this because it affects MWAG (they can give other reasons, but it’s MWAG), so they decide to exclude the NPPL in their forums by censoring NPPL sites like and and closing the NPPL forum, though that’s now up in the air.

Seems kinda childish and hypocritical to me. It’s like a kid getting his bottle taken away, so he takes the other kid’s toy away to make it even.

Let’s just go through some of the absolutely ridiculous statements he made.

We are and have been 100% in support of paintball leagues, including the NPPL.

That’s why we’re censoring NPPL sites and possibly closing the NPPL forums, because we support them.

Cutting media is not growing the sport it is going backwards.

Last time I checked, was media. You’re cutting them from the site. Seems like you’re causing the sport to go backwards.

MWAG didn’t ask us to do anything.

Possibly, but if it was some other company that you weren’t “best friends” with, would you still do this? Nope, you wouldn’t give them the time of the day.

Excluding isn’t the right thing to do.

Like excluding the NPPL from your forums?

PbNation placing the NPPL on the swear filter is a symbolic act at best as it will have almost no impact on the operations of the league, players or industry.

So when you add something to the swear filter, it doesn’t affect them? So I guess that whole Virtue crap was just a ruse.

I think I need to reconsider completing closing the NPPL forum. I’ll certainly do that in the next few days and as you know the NPPL forum is still open and was never closed.

Translation: I don’t have as much power over everyone as I thought I did, so I’m going to keep the NPPL forum open, since I almost screwed myself over and almost lost a lot of users.

So PbNation, fix it. Remove the sites from the swear filter and don’t touch the NPPL forum. You really are just digging yourself a deeper hole and pissing more people off with all of your shenanigans. If you keep it up, there will be a site to take your place just like you took PbCity’s place.