SD Feature, PbNation Sponsored

I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to.

PbNation, the site that was so against the NPPL and their Fox Sports deal, is now sponsoring a TV show called SD Feature. It’ll be aired on Colours TV on Dish Network and some cable companies in, count them, 4 states. It means that I, and no one I know, will be watching this on TV.

Also, it’s not really a paintball show. It’s a sports show that features paintball in maybe one or two episodes.

Each episode will feature one sport – Paintball, Martial Arts, or Surfing, with an emphasis on Paintball and the Martial Arts, along with segments that focus on music and fashion in today’s pop culture.

Yup, paintball, right next to martial arts and fashion on a barely available channel. This is going to be a hit!

But the interesting part of this is PbNation. I’m really tired of them making any sort of “news,” if you call this site that, but it’s too ironic to pass up.

They banned the NPPL becuse of it’s Fox Sports deal is now promoting it’s own (well, not it’s own, but they’re sponsoring it) TV show.

Kinda weird, don’t cha think? But they want to make sure everything is clear.

Guys lets keep the NPPL drama out of this thread.

PbN – Guys, no talking about the NPPL thing
Me – But, isn’t it kinda related?
PbN – No, now shut up
Me – But…

Seriously, either this is the worst timed press release ever or the whole PbNation NPPL thing just got a bit fishier. It’s starting to feel like a soap opera. I’m kinda having fun watching PbNation digging itself into a deeper hole.

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