Hybrid’s Manufacturer Comes Out

Hybrid’s manufacturer, you know, the one they’re suing, has now come out to tell their side of the story.

Hybrid is suing the manufacturer due to breach of contract by failing to deliver goods.

But the manufacturer has a pretty different story. They state that they delivered the goods on time, but Hybrid didn’t pay them and they have the IOU and bounced checks to prove it. Hybrid then asked if the manufacturer would give them the 07 line for free until they were able to sell it, which then they could pay for it, which the manufacturer obviously rejected.

They also say that they have the patents to most of Hybrid’s line, not Hybrid, and that mainly all that Hybrid did was use cuss words to make them look cool, you know, like in press releases. And they also didn’t want to sue them, because it’s not in their nature, but are glad that Hybrid is doing so. Umm….yeah.

Interestingly enough, the manufacturer seems really classy, and ends on a nice note.

Good luck, Hybrid. Good luck, paintball industry.

Absolutely nothing like Hybrid’s in your face closing statement.

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