PSP Chicago Confirmed

PSP Chicago will be June 23-26, 2011 at CPX Sports Park.

2903 Schweitzer Rd. in Joliet, Illinois

The Chicago event is an extended event; games starting on Thursday and trade show and check-in starting on Wednesday.

Professional RaceTo-7 (Fri – Sun only)
D1 RaceTo-5 (Thurs – Sun)
D2 RaceTo-5 (Thurs – Sun)
D3 RaceTo-4 (Thurs – Sun)
D4 RaceTo-4 (Thurs – Sun)
D3 RaceTo-2 (Fri – Sun only)
D4 RaceTo-2 (Fri – Sun only)
D3 RaceTo-2 (Sat and Sun only)
D4 RaceTo-2 (Sat and Sun only)

As with all PSP events, teams will be able to bring their own paint so long as RPS, Procaps or GI Sportz manufactures it. These companies will also be selling paint on-site for teams traveling in. Please use the following contact information to pre-order your paint:

GI Sportz: Email [email protected]
Procaps: Call Megan Farrell at 877-722-5590 Ext. 7802
RPS: Contact your sales rep or Nina Walsh at (800) PAINBALL ext. 228

Empire and RPS Master Sponsors for PSP

Empire Paintball and RPS are once again proud to be a Master Sponsor for the 2011 PSP tournament series. Ultra Evil Paintballs, the winningest paint on the planet, will be on site for every match in temperature regulated trucks. Be the best, Shoot the Best with Empire Paintballs with RPS Advanced Formula. In it to win it. Teams may bring their own RPS paint to the event or purchase directly through RPS and pick it up from the RPS paint trailer. For more information, contact your local sale representative or Nina Walsh at 1-800-724-6822 ext. 228. Be sure to ask about getting extra love for shooting the AXE and winning your division with Empire RPS Paint.