NPPL DC Challenge Results


1 – Tampa Bay Damage
2 – LA Infamous
3 – San Diego Dynasty
4 – Portland Naughty Dogs


1 – Arsenal Predators
2 – Warped Army
3 – Dogs Silver


1 – One 18
2 – Obnoxious
3 – Infamy
4 – Paradox


1 – Noobies
2 – Tlords
3 – Wiseguys
4 – Minions


1 – Iron Legion
2 – Justice Kidz
3 – TCP H8 Factory
4 – PB Warehouse Factory


1 – Vigilante
2 – Top Gun FP & PL Scrubs
3 – Milaauakee Throwback
4 – Blind Aggression

NPPL All Star Team Rosters


Alex Fraige – Captain
Ryan Greenspan
Rich Telford
Junior Brown
Zack Long
Tyler Harmon
Nicky Cuba
Todd Martinez
Zack Wake
Rocky Knuth
Mikey Lew
Bear D’Egidio


Frank Connell – Captain
Drew Templeton
Billy Bernnachia
Ryan Moorehead
Dave Bains
Tommy O’Donnel
Aaron Tholey
Damien Ryan
Jerry Desvarieux
Justin Rabackoff
Jason Edwards
Jacobs Edwards
Cole Scott
Mike McDonald

Ref Needed for NPPL 2010 DC Challenge

The DC Challenge will be taking place on August 6-8, 2010.

The NPPL will host a Pro referee tryout and practice session July 17th and 18th at Pev’s Tournament Complex 9am-4pm.

The Referee tryout and certification course will consist of a vigorous program where rules, positioning and communication will be taught, demonstrated and reviewed. Referees need to be prepared to take a test on the rules so make sure to read the rule book and bring it to the course it’s our bible.

Please Call or email Valerie for ref application by Friday July 14th, 2010.

NPPL Head office 714-758-5575

Email: [email protected]

Full certification is $80.00. To tryout is no charge.