PSP Webcast is Back

PSP is bringing the webcast back for the Chicago Open. The event starts on June 23, 2011 but the webcast will be of the pro games on Saturday and Sunday, June 25 and 26.

I wish they would broadcast the lower divisions the first 2 days so that I can watch my team play. That being said, I won’t be posting pics of this years Chicago Open since I am unable to attend it this year.

Watch the NCPA Championships

Check out the 2011 NCPA College and High School Paintball Championships April 15-17 from Central Florida Paintball in Lakeland Florida.

Free-Live webcasts, April 15-17. Visit to watch.

College Paintball Returns to Fox College Sports! Fox College Sports will be broadcasting the 2011 NCPA National Championships, presented by Empire Paintball, nationwide in June 2011. Visit for all broadcast dates and times.

2009 World Cup Webcast On Demand but Not Really

PSP has started releasing the 2009 World Cup webcast footage. To my recollection, it used to be free but now it’s not (which is lame). In order to watch a match, you have to pay $2.99 and download the video via itunes (i assume it’s through itunes, it says something at the bottom of the page about going through itunes to get the video). So it’s not really an on demand type of thing, more of a pay per view but i assume you get to keep the video after you have paid and downloaded it.

There are 60sec previews but it’s not even worth it watch those. I only watched the previews for dynasty vs damage and x-factor vs red legion and you see little to no game footage, just Matty Marshall talking. I understand that it’s a preview but a little game footage would be nice.

World Cup Webcast

World Cup started earlier this week and now that the weekend has come, the webcast can begin.

Start Times:

Friday, October 9th – 7:45am EST
Saturday, October 10th – 7:45am EST
Sunday, October 11th – 7:45am EST


All you lucky iPhone users can watch the webcast wherever you are. Log-on to using the browser on your phone to view the webcast.

CHI-TOWN webcast

PSP brings you a FREE webcast of the 2009 Chicago event from June 26-28. The webcast will have 9 cameras filming, 3 of which are overhead cams and 1 roving camera that will bring you player interviews and footage from the trade show. To watch the Chicago webcast, just log on to PSP’s website.

Reminder: Registration for PSP Chicago closes on Monday June 15, 2009.