Planet Eclipse SLS Specs

There are 3 new key features to the Planet Eclipse SLS

1.) A new SL3 In-Line Regulator and Regulator mount
2.) Modification of the Cure3+ with inclusion of three different Bolt Inserts
3.) Full SLS-to-PC communications

The E-Portal is an application that provides a means of communicating with an Eclipse SLS through the familiar Windows(tm) environment and will give the user control over all aspects of the SLS firmware. (I guess Mac users are SOL)

Capabilities of the E-Portal
– Firmware Update from PE
– Control and Save different settings
– Change the boot screen image

I don’t really know the actual mechanical differences between the SL3 regs and the other Eclipse regs but apparently it has:
– higher flow capability
– new seal configuration
and some other things that make your velocity more stable

The Cure3+ bolt with interchangeable parts is basically pick the bolt that tickles your fancy
– Ego10 bolt
– Pepper pot bolt design
– Muffler bolt design

Other SL parts
– Zick2 kit
– OOPS on/off
– 2 triggers (“S” shaped and classic shaped)
– 2 valve guides
– adjustable LPR
– custom MAC solenoid valve
– 5-piece SL barrel kit

weight: 834g or 1.84 lbs with barrel, battery, and OOPS
length: 531mm or 20.9 in
height: 214mm or 8.43 in
width: 26.5mm or 1.04 in

There will be a limited run of 300-350 and all original owners get to add some flare to their PBNation account because they get a special badge

Significant Features of the SLS
Bespoke SL SLS Body
Bespoke SL Cure3+ Bolt with Insert Kit – Three Different Bolt Inserts
Bespoke SL Circuit Board With USB Interface – Cable and Software Included
Bespoke SL SL3 Inline Regulator
Bespoke SL Dual Triggers – “S” and “Classic” Style Triggers Included
Bespoke SL Dual Valve Guides – HP and LP Valve Guide Kit
Bespoke SL Zick2 Rammer Kit
Bespoke SL OOPS Assembly
Bespoke SL Clamping Feed Assembly – With Sprocket Wheel Adjuster
Bespoke SL Trigger Frame
Bespoke SL Contour Eye Covers
5-Piece SL2 Shaft Barrel Kit
Viz-Eyes Red BBSS System

SL2 Barrel Kit
1 x 14” Front Section 0.700” Bore
1 x 16” Front Section 0.700” Bore

1 x Rear Section – 0.685” Bore
1 x Rear Section – 0.689” Bore
1 x Rear Section – 0.693” Bore

Models Needed for Animal Paintball is in need of some models to show off our new line of womens apparel and we thought who better to find our new Models then the Paintballing community.

If you know of any hot girls who are looking to model some outfits (no bikini’s or underwear or anything like that, sorry), then please post their pics (nothing trashy) here and have them contact me, Mondo at [email protected]. These are not your typical PINK jersey and T’s. These are outfits that can be totally customized to show your team spirit or sponsorship appreciation

Post Pics in this thread on PBNation

Here are the requirements:

1. Must be at least 18
2. Must be willing to travel (if needed).
3. Have a local photographer be able to take photos of you in the apparel that we would send to you.

2010 Changes for PSP and Phoenix Open Date

For the 2010 season, PSP has decided to make some changes:

1.) Events will now be 3-day events, Friday-Sunday except for Chicago Open and World Cup which will be 4-day events, Thursday-Sunday

2.) a. Classification will be done differently. A player is no longer forced to bump his/her APPA classification status if he/she has played in a higher division for 2 events. Class promotion is now based on performance.
b. Older events count less to a player’s APPA status

3.) a.Entry fees are now based on format of play (i.e. Race to 5 or Race to 7) and not by division (i.e. Div4 or Div1). Depending on which format your team plays, is how much your entry fee will be.
b. ” Prizes will also be distributed with greater emphasis towards rewarding teams choosing to compete in higher divisions.” I guess this means the prize winnings will be increased but that makes me think that the entry fees will be higher.

RoF for each division will remain the same for the 2010 season

The first event of the season for PSP will be the Phoenix Open on March 19-21, 2010 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ.

Registration for the Phoenix Open begins on January 19, 2010.

X-Factor Tryouts

this has been floating around on nation for a while but for those that haven’t heard, pro team X-Factor is having open tryouts.

This was posted by Grayson Goff of X-factor on PBNation

X-Factor will be having OPEN tryouts Dec. 12th and 13th. Registration will be between 8-9am, playing by 10am on both days.

Depending on the number that show, we may be making cuts on Saturday. We will be starting an event on facebook so we know how many of you will be attending. If you don’t have facebook, just reply here or send me a pm so we know you’re coming.

What we are looking for:
We’re looking for 2-3 Texas based guys to round out our pro X-ball squad and commit to a full year of paintball. A semi-pro team will also be formed and act as a farm system. If you don’t think you’re PRO material yet, the semi-pro team will be a good start. Details on sponsorship and any other questions will be answered at the tryout.

Premium will be sold at $50 a case, with free entry.

If you’re already planning on coming out, please let me know so we can already start evaluating you if you come out any weekends before. Like I said earlier, I’m out there every Sunday so just find me and let me know you’re interested.

Please check back with this top post for any changes or updates.



Try that link for the facebook event. If that doesn’t work, just search for me (Grayson Goff) and it should be up on my wall.

Ok, I’m getting alot of PM’s about out of state people. This is an OPEN tryout so anyone is welcome. We will be practicing twice a month for the most part of the season. If you can’t commit to that don’t waste your time coming out to Texas. Thanks!