2010 Changes for PSP and Phoenix Open Date

For the 2010 season, PSP has decided to make some changes:

1.) Events will now be 3-day events, Friday-Sunday except for Chicago Open and World Cup which will be 4-day events, Thursday-Sunday

2.) a. Classification will be done differently. A player is no longer forced to bump his/her APPA classification status if he/she has played in a higher division for 2 events. Class promotion is now based on performance.
b. Older events count less to a player’s APPA status

3.) a.Entry fees are now based on format of play (i.e. Race to 5 or Race to 7) and not by division (i.e. Div4 or Div1). Depending on which format your team plays, is how much your entry fee will be.
b. ” Prizes will also be distributed with greater emphasis towards rewarding teams choosing to compete in higher divisions.” I guess this means the prize winnings will be increased but that makes me think that the entry fees will be higher.

RoF for each division will remain the same for the 2010 season

The first event of the season for PSP will be the Phoenix Open on March 19-21, 2010 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ.

Registration for the Phoenix Open begins on January 19, 2010.

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