Oklahoma D-Day events presents Flight Into History


s part of the experience of participating in The 2011 Oklahoma D-Day Event, we’ve lined up what might be classified as a once in a lifetime opportunity to take what is being described as a “Flight Into History.”

This is an opportunity for you to climb aboard a WW II vintage C-47. The C-47 was the workhorse of the allies during WW II. It’s also the same type of aircraft that Jake McNiece, 4 time combat jump veteran of the 101st Airborne jumped from early on the morning of D-Day with the members of his Filthy Thirteen unit.

Because time, not to mention space is extremely limited, we’re looking for commitments from 33 individuals who are willing to pay $150.00 each for what we expect will be about a 30 minute flight.

The flight will originate at the Grove, Oklahoma Municipal Airport, not far from the D-Day Adventure Park site in nearby Wyandotte, OK. Once airborne the plane will make it’s way to the D_Day site, where you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the 800 acre field, vendors and camp ground areas, before returning once more to the airfield. On arrival at the field you’ll have an opportunity to personally meet and listen to Jake McNiece talk about his WW II experiences with the 101st Airborne Division. He will then present you with you own autographed copy of his book, “The Filthy Thirteen.”

This flight is due to take place on Friday, June 10th. Transport to and from the airfield from the D-Day Adventure Park site will be available to those who wish to take advantage of it.

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