5 thoughts on “Last Day for Empire Sponsorship Applications”

  1. I was interested in the sponsor like a pro application if you can email it please

  2. Hey me and my team are very interested in a sponser. And we thought the best gear comes empire so we came to you. We are all interested and if it’s not too much trouble can you send us application?

  3. my team has been around for a while we joined with a team that was sponsored by bt but that team has slowly feel apart when there team comander quit so now we are playing under are own name and team. i personally have several empire item from gloves, and pants to the empire axe and i find that they are great.if you could send me a aplication it would be great.

  4. we would love to be sponsored by empire and we would wear anything that you give us to painball games and advertise you in are videos

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