X-Factor Tryouts

this has been floating around on nation for a while but for those that haven’t heard, pro team X-Factor is having open tryouts.

This was posted by Grayson Goff of X-factor on PBNation

X-Factor will be having OPEN tryouts Dec. 12th and 13th. Registration will be between 8-9am, playing by 10am on both days.

Depending on the number that show, we may be making cuts on Saturday. We will be starting an event on facebook so we know how many of you will be attending. If you don’t have facebook, just reply here or send me a pm so we know you’re coming.

What we are looking for:
We’re looking for 2-3 Texas based guys to round out our pro X-ball squad and commit to a full year of paintball. A semi-pro team will also be formed and act as a farm system. If you don’t think you’re PRO material yet, the semi-pro team will be a good start. Details on sponsorship and any other questions will be answered at the tryout.

Premium will be sold at $50 a case, with free entry.

If you’re already planning on coming out, please let me know so we can already start evaluating you if you come out any weekends before. Like I said earlier, I’m out there every Sunday so just find me and let me know you’re interested.

Please check back with this top post for any changes or updates.


UPDATE: http://www.facebook.com/#/event.php?…8499453&ref=nf

Try that link for the facebook event. If that doesn’t work, just search for me (Grayson Goff) and it should be up on my wall.

Ok, I’m getting alot of PM’s about out of state people. This is an OPEN tryout so anyone is welcome. We will be practicing twice a month for the most part of the season. If you can’t commit to that don’t waste your time coming out to Texas. Thanks!

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