CEO Of Hybrid Says The F-Word. I’m Telling.

Hybrid Technologies released a press release to clear up some rumors.

First, he states that KEE Action Sports and Hybrid are in negotiations to resolve issues between them. What issue? I actually don’t know. Must have been sleeping when that happened.

Also, they would like to thank, yes thank, the copycat companies. Apparently, having people copy them doesn’t infuriate them like it would to companies like KEE or Smart Parts. That’s kinda cool of them. But I’m sure if I started a company called Hyrbid and started selling near clones of their items, they might have a different stance.

They also are suing a Chinese manufacturer for breach of contract and failure to deliver products. Don’t know the whole story about that either, but evidently it’s enough to make them go back to their roots.

But the most interesting part is the end, where he states:

FUCK THOSE GUYS. We’re still in the game sucka!!

“Those guys” are the people who thought they were going to walk away. There’s no better way to make you presence known than a good, hard fucking.

You stay classy Hybrid.


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