What To Do At The River City Open

The PSP has posted things to do in Omaha when you’re at the River City Open.

First, you can go to The Old Market. I’m sure of the loads of fun you’ll have there. You can’t spell fun without Old Market. No wait, you can, easily, but tame can’t be.

If markets aren’t your thing, then you can get drunk with Creighton University students at various clubs. Go Bluejays!

Yes, since that’s something to brag about when there will be a lot of young kids there. I’m sure parents are looking forward to Saturday night specials at the Shark Club. $2.50 Cuervo shots and $1 secret ninja shots?!?!? Holy crap, I’m there. Right after someone buys me a plane ticket.

But if going to some market and getting wasted aren’t your alley, then go to one of three casinos located nearby. Just try not to lose all the paint money. But if you do, it gives you an excuse to get wasted with college students.

The PSP looks awesome.


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