KEE Acquires Intellectual Property Portfoliio of Smart Parts

March 30, 2011. KEE Action Sports, LLC. announces today that it has acquired the intellectual property portfolio of Smart Parts. KEE believes it was critical to paintball that the portfolio stayed inside the industry. KEE’s President and CEO, John Robinson, said that “KEE is committed to growing paintball participation industry-wide and that KEE intends to use the intellectual property assets in a manner consistent with that goal.” In a letter to be sent out shortly, KEE will inform current license holders how it intends to continue to work with them under their current license arrangements. KEE welcomes contacts from other companies interested in pursuing a partnership relating to its new IP assets.

Portland, CT: Home of FAIL

OK, so here’s the deal. Some kid shot another kid in the face at a so called paintball birthday party. Apparently, they decided shooting someone in the face was a good idea, especially when he had no mask on…fucking genius. And of all places they played in someone’s backyard, now only if there were places that were specifically designated for playing paintball with rules and regulations and proper supervision.

Good ‘ol backyard paintball play. Seemingly, adults with little to no experience with paintball guns are qualified to supervise. Hey kids, wear a mask while you’re playing a game but when we’re done you can take your mask off but still play with the guns. Don’t worry, it’s ok, nothing bad will happen.

Blind boy’s mommy wants to ban paintball guns in Portland, CT, which apparently does exist. She says she wants to prevent this type of accident from ever happeneing again, so which brings to mind, how many fucking dumbasses are in Connecticut?

I would like [a paint ball gun] to be treated like a rifle or a pistol; it’s something that can do damage to you, just like a rifle.

So a paintball gun that shoots balls of paint can shoot theoretical bullets that can kill people. You what else can do damage to you? Paper! Paper cuts hurt like a fucking bitch.

My personal feeling is that these teenagers are too young and inexperienced to know how to be safe with it.

Translation: Your kid is a fucking idiot and can’t do anything. He’s a piece of shit and doesn’t deserve to live. He should just kill himself.

I would basically blame those kids’ parents. … They are not taking responsibility for their kids

OMG! Will someone please think of the children!

Then you have genius commentary like this. Yeah, requiring people to be 18, that’s a good idea. Why not 21, since that’s when you can drink, legally. Or 25, since that’s when renting a car is cheaper. Or hell, why not 65, since that’s when you can get social security. God damn, I love assigning arbitrary ages on something that has absolutely no research to prove it relevant other than the thinking of children campaign. Stupid fucktards.

Paintball Plunder at PSU

Early Thursday morning, a student at Penn State University opened fire from a second floor balcony with a paintball gun. The student, Christopher Renshaw, fired at street signs and anything else that crossed his path, according to the local police. “Renshaw, was cited for criminal mischief and faces fines of up to $300, in addition to cleanup costs.”

Utah SUCKS!!!

South Jordan, UT is considering a ban on paintball markers, BB guns, air guns, and gun replicas. The city council is considering this ban because the police have received many complaints about people running around with weapons but then it turns out that those “weapons” are actually fake. People need to realize what’s real and what’s not and those idiots that are running around with their airsoft guns, paintball markers, or replicas should not do it in an area where there are plenty of people to see. Similar bans have already been en stated  in other cities in Utah, such cities include: Salt Lake City, West Jordan, West Valley City and North Salt Lake.

CEO Of Hybrid Says The F-Word. I’m Telling.

Hybrid Technologies released a press release to clear up some rumors.

First, he states that KEE Action Sports and Hybrid are in negotiations to resolve issues between them. What issue? I actually don’t know. Must have been sleeping when that happened.

Also, they would like to thank, yes thank, the copycat companies. Apparently, having people copy them doesn’t infuriate them like it would to companies like KEE or Smart Parts. That’s kinda cool of them. But I’m sure if I started a company called Hyrbid and started selling near clones of their items, they might have a different stance.

They also are suing a Chinese manufacturer for breach of contract and failure to deliver products. Don’t know the whole story about that either, but evidently it’s enough to make them go back to their roots.

But the most interesting part is the end, where he states:

FUCK THOSE GUYS. We’re still in the game sucka!!

“Those guys” are the people who thought they were going to walk away. There’s no better way to make you presence known than a good, hard fucking.

You stay classy Hybrid.