Utah SUCKS!!!

South Jordan, UT is considering a ban on paintball markers, BB guns, air guns, and gun replicas. The city council is considering this ban because the police have received many complaints about people running around with weapons but then it turns out that those “weapons” are actually fake. People need to realize what’s real and what’s not and those idiots that are running around with their airsoft guns, paintball markers, or replicas should not do it in an area where there are plenty of people to see. Similar bans have already been en stated  in other cities in Utah, such cities include: Salt Lake City, West Jordan, West Valley City and North Salt Lake.

One thought on “Utah SUCKS!!!”

  1. yea its the stupidest thing ever i think that guns should not be banned but that all guns should have a orange tip that is clearly visible i think guns should be banned if they are without an orange tip so then if a police officer sees a gun with an orange tip it oviously isnt real and air soft guns look excactly like the toy one at walmart and some are clear also

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