PbNation to NPPL, We’re Sorry, Kinda

pbnvsnppl-cropped.pngThe stupid saga of PbNation and NPPL continues.

Now, Ed won’t close the NPPL forum, but the ban on NPPL.tv and NPPLLive.com are still there. Way to stand up for something only half-assed.

And the thread is now full of mods and admins trying to defend the owner’s dumbass actions. He should’ve never gotten involved in the first place. If anyone should’ve gotten involved, it would be MWAG, Derder, or Traumahead, not PbNation. But have any of them made a statement? Not to my knowledge. They’re keeping quiet, probably trying to talk to the NPPL or just let it happen and just filmed the other fields.

And, is any other site getting involved with this? Nope. They aren’t going to touch it with a 20 foot pole. It’s a bonehead move to ban the largest (or second, I don’t really know) tournament series.

And they’re still saying that they’re doing it for the “little guy”. Bullshit. When has PbNation been for the little guy? O, that’s right, never. This is all about the possible loss of revenue from MWAG.

Also, the supposed shaft they all were getting? Not so bad. The NPPL told them a week before hand and didn’t charge for the media passes, supposedly. Others, ones related to PbNation, are saying they got the Joan Collins special. I’m thinking no one has the facts straight, but I’ve got to side with the NPPL on this one until I hear otherwise.

But we still have ridiculous statements from mods.

So reminiscent of the Smart Parts thing. Rational thinking vs. Hype. Sacrifice morals for profit.

What? Why the hell haven’t you banned Smart Parts then? They’ve pulled so much more crap than the NPPL has ever done. But has PbNation ever made a stand against them? Hell no. I guess it’s probably due to all the money they give you to advertise. And you wonder why people doubt you.

All you care about is money. You care about paintball indirectly. It brings in the money, so you have to care about it. If you don’t, the money dries up.

To PbNation. You don’t find out how much power you have until you have none at all. You’re pretty close to none.

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