NPPL Boston Wrap-Up

The Boston NPPL has come to a close. It’s been an interesting one with Fox Sports filming it’s TV show, causing controversy by closing off the center field for filming by smaller companies, with PbNation being a dumbass the whole way.

But what about the important part, how the teams did? The Portland Naughty Dogs did great during the prelims, only losing 1 game, but failed to bring that momentum into the “Elite 8” where they finished 6th.

Dynasty, who made 4th in the prelims, went into the finals in the number 1 spot playing Infamous, while the All Americans played Joy Division.

Dynasty beat Infamous with 2 wins and a draw, while Joy Division beat the All Americans in 2 games.

For the semi-pro division, Texas native X-Factor took home the gold beating Aftermath. Rock-It Kids placed first in Division I taking out everybody’s favorite team, or not, HK in the “Elite 8.” SYP Epic and FYT won in Division II and III respectively.

Top 4 from each division:


  1. San Diego Dynasty
  2. Los Angeles Infamous
  3. Stockholm Joy Division
  4. Pittsburgh All Americans


  1. SA X-Factor
  2. SD Aftermath
  3. Boston Paintball
  4. Redz Infamy

Division I:

  1. Rock-It Kids
  2. Naughty by Nature
  3. Dynasty Entourage
  4. Miami Devious

Division II:

  1. SCP Epic
  2. NeX
  3. Splat Kids
  4. STD Factory

Division III:

  1. FYT
  2. Team RNT
  3. Air Assault Factory
  4. Storm Riders


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