PbNation to NPPL, We’re Hypocrites

pbnvsnppl-cropped.pngPbNation has made another post going into more detail about the whole NPPL issue.

Here’s the deal. The NPPL excluded films crews to film the center court, and only the center court, for the Boston NPPL. PbNation didn’t like this because it affects MWAG (they can give other reasons, but it’s MWAG), so they decide to exclude the NPPL in their forums by censoring NPPL sites like NPPLLive.com and NPPL.tv and closing the NPPL forum, though that’s now up in the air.

Seems kinda childish and hypocritical to me. It’s like a kid getting his bottle taken away, so he takes the other kid’s toy away to make it even.

Let’s just go through some of the absolutely ridiculous statements he made.

We are and have been 100% in support of paintball leagues, including the NPPL.

That’s why we’re censoring NPPL sites and possibly closing the NPPL forums, because we support them.

Cutting media is not growing the sport it is going backwards.

Last time I checked, NPPLLive.com was media. You’re cutting them from the site. Seems like you’re causing the sport to go backwards.

MWAG didn’t ask us to do anything.

Possibly, but if it was some other company that you weren’t “best friends” with, would you still do this? Nope, you wouldn’t give them the time of the day.

Excluding isn’t the right thing to do.

Like excluding the NPPL from your forums?

PbNation placing the NPPL on the swear filter is a symbolic act at best as it will have almost no impact on the operations of the league, players or industry.

So when you add something to the swear filter, it doesn’t affect them? So I guess that whole Virtue crap was just a ruse.

I think I need to reconsider completing closing the NPPL forum. I’ll certainly do that in the next few days and as you know the NPPL forum is still open and was never closed.

Translation: I don’t have as much power over everyone as I thought I did, so I’m going to keep the NPPL forum open, since I almost screwed myself over and almost lost a lot of users.

So PbNation, fix it. Remove the sites from the swear filter and don’t touch the NPPL forum. You really are just digging yourself a deeper hole and pissing more people off with all of your shenanigans. If you keep it up, there will be a site to take your place just like you took PbCity’s place.

2 thoughts on “PbNation to NPPL, We’re Hypocrites”

  1. Fuck PBNation and FUCK ED RIEKER

    PBNation is trying to become Google of the paintball world. This venture capilist rat fuck is going to destroy paintball. He is trying to control the flow of information in and through paintball.

    Paintball needs to STOP USING PBNATION and go back to the days of independant owners groups and forums, not this corporate bullshit that is drowning the sport.

    Fuckin PBNation is NOT A PUBLIC FORUM for paintball. They are trying to own the control of information through paintball. We have allowed Ed Rieker to become WAY to powerful, and now he has the ability to ruin companies with the click of a mouse.

    Fuck PBNation, stop going to that bullshit website. We as a paintball community need to work together to drive Ed and his bullshit out of this industry


  2. PBNATION is indeed a public forum and is admin’d by volunteers.

    Ed is not some sort of evil-doer – the above post seems to follow the old story being perpetuated by 68cal and The TechPB guy. Reader be warned – they are manipulating facts and spreading false rumors at every opportunity.

    Visit TechPB and listen to a mad-man’s rant. Then go to PBNation and see for yourself “the evil” that the above poster implies is Ed and PBNation. You will see thousands of paintball enthusiasts interacting with each other about their favorite sport. Who then appears to be credible? The guy railing about perceived insults/injuries or the site that is merely doing what it does – allow the like-minded people to communicate with each other?

    The Virtue thing mentioned in the above article was this – Virtue was added to the swear filter at PBN. THis means that if anyone entered that name or that company’s website address that the text would be replaced by a series of asterisks with a link to a page describing why. That reason is because Virtue violated repeatedly the rules that are in place at PBNation. Simple. TechPB repeatedly violated the rules and now they have the same treatment. Also very simple. No conspiracy, just rule breakers being caught in the act and then they cry as loudly as they can about it.

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