USPL Las Vegas Results

1st San Diego Dynasty
2nd Oakland Blast
3rd Edmonton Impact
4th Los Angeles Infamous

Division 1/Semi Pro
1st Dynasty Entourage
2nd Hollywood HK
3rd Warped Army
4th Rockstar Factory

Division 2 7man
1st SCP Epic
2nd One 18
3rd Arsenal Predators
4th Stoned Assassins

Division 3 7man
1st Impact Kids
2nd Tlords
3rd Bonehead Paintball
4th Long Beach EFFECTS

Division 3 5man
1st Team Rip
2nd Vegas Reapers
3rd Good for Nothing
4th Surgical Strike

Division 4 5man
1st 406 Finest
2nd SuckerPunch
3rd Boston Reapers

Pump Open 5man
1st LA
2nd GAT Products Factory
3rd Poi and Tacos

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