USPL West Coast Open on TV

The US Paintball League‘s West Coast Open (2009 Event #2) was filmed at SC Village by Traumahead Sportz and airs tonight to 14 million homes! Did you miss this event and want to catch all the action? Better yet, did you play in this event and want to watch yourself on TV? TRAUMAHEAD SPORTZ airs on Dish Network’s channel 230 every Friday night during prime time – 10:30 PM Eastern/9:30 PM Central/8:30 PM Mountain/7:30 PM Pacific

Traumahead Back on TV

Traumahead will be back on TV starting on Friday August 21, 2009. Traumahead will be airing at 5:30pm on Friday, and will re-air on the following Sunday at 11:30am and 8:30pm. The show is mainly on DirectTV but will also be airing on some Comcast and Cox cable markets.

Specific Channels:
Austin 274
Bakersfield 20
Baton Rouge 117
Binghamton 76
Binghamton 187
Cincinnati 17
Cleveland 192
Columbus 144
Detroit 76
Elmira 78
Florence-Myrtle Beach 123
Greensboro-H. Pt.-W. Salem 69
Greensboro-H. Pt.-W. Salem 70
Greensboro-H. Pt.-W. Salem 75
Greenville N. Bern Wash. 25
Johnstown-Altoona 13
Kansas City 77/83
Lafayette, LA 117
Lincoln, NE 79
Norfolk 97
Oklahoma City 74/119
Portland-Auburn 674
Rochester, NY 98
San Antonio 89/808
San Diego 335
Santa Barbara 36
Tampa 164
Toledo 105
Waco 193
Wausau-Rhinelander 5
Wichita 109
Wilkes Barre Scranton 66
Youngstown 293