Hybrid Is Getting The Fuck Out Of Here

It seems that Hybrid is going the way of the Dodo and closing up their shop or something to which I say, “Oh, okay”.

His post basically states that it’s tough times for everybody and that everyone loses or something like that. It was pretty much a lot pointing the finger and no answers or really any information of any kind. I would link to it, but it’s done in horrible flash.

They do keep with “We’re the little guys trying to take down the big guys”. Guess what, you aren’t the little guys. A guy building pretty much everything himself here, little. You, sending most thing to an overseas manufacturer resulting in mass produced shit, not little, medium at least.

But Hybrid’s always been on brink of failure always managing to get into or causing trouble. First, though I’m sure there’s stuff before that I can’t remember, they copied the Hitman logo with hilarious results. Thousands of people threatened the little kid that alerted Eidos though to my knowledge Hybrid just had to stop producing and selling the gear with that logo on it.

Their next foible was their Suicide shell warranty. They found out that people were intentionally breaking their shells to get Hybrid to replace them under warranty. Oh Noes!!! People abusing the warranty system, who could’ve seen that one coming? It’s only fucking obvious that it would happen. That just something you account for at the beginning, especially when you’re selling it to 15 year olds that are told to ‘Fuck tha man’ by you guys no less. Are you just that oblivious? I guess you got a taste of what you’ve been promoting the past years.

Next up, we have the manufacturer dispute, which could actually be a big reason in all of this. First, Hybrid comes out and says about the manufacturer, “We got fucked by those guys.” Then the manufacturer is all like, “WTF? We got fucked by those guys.” And then everybody is like, “Oh no he di’int” But the manufacturer is still all, “Oh yes we did, we’re coming out with our own shell bitches” Though to my knowledge, they haven’t released that. I have no idea what happened with this whole fiasco, but I’m pretty sure everyone got screwed and no one was wearing protection.

There’s also some other problem with them and what was at the time NPS, but now KEE (Yay for acronyms). Guess this happened when I wasn’t paying attention or caring about Hybrid, but KEE is/was suing them over the Hybrid name. Not sure when KEE used the Hybrid name, but KEE is just like Smart Parts and will sue over anything.

And here’s a glory quote:

From disgracing the new player to never having a good time

Yay for irony!

ICD, No More Paintball For Us

icdlogo.jpgAha, there is news. I knew it.

Indian Creek Design, ICD, the company that made mediocre guns like the Freestyle, Promaster, BKO, and the B2K, is now getting out of the paintball business. And since they didn’t have any business but paintball business, it means they’re going out of business.

Vaporworks, a company that makes custom parts for bushies and freestyles, is taking over the servicing.

ICD’s time came and went. They did decently with their BKO and Bushmaster back in the day, but newer and better guns kept coming along. They tried to make a come back with the Freestyle and Promaster, but with neither really took off. They had a following, just nowhere near as big as others. Mainly because the guns just weren’t that great and you could get better, or what people thought to be better, for less. Was the Freestyle a good gun? Yes. Great? No. It worked, it was light, it was quiet, but it just wasn’t that spectacular.

Also, ICD name just wasn’t that well respected. People remember their old BKO or bushy, remember having problems with it (caused by themselves or not, it doesn’t matter), and couldn’t think of ICD as really anything else. The same can be said about Spyder. If they do make a high-end, most people will shun it off because, it’s, well, Spyder.

Some will most definitely point at Smart Parts and other bigger companies pushing out the smaller companies. That may be part of the case, but really, ICD had made nice, cool markers, they could still be in it, but you have small companies like Dangerous Power (with a name like that, how could you lose) coming into the game, and doing pretty well for themselves. True, they get nowhere near as many sales as the bigger companies, but they are there, and as time goes by will probably still be there.

Anyways, here’s the whole post on ICDO.

Taking on more work! Send it our way!

Vaporworks was one of the first factory certified repair centers for ICD markers outside of the factory. Now after nearly 8 years of servicing these paintball markers, ICD is handing the reigns to us. They are stepping away from the paintball business and we are taking over their service work for them. In the new year, ICD will stop doing all service work on their markers and sending customers to Vaporworks for repair and service work.

We have long been a doing our best to support ICD products and will now do our best to carry on work on their markers for them. You’ll get the same service level you’d expect from ICD, only in Kansas instead of Idaho!