A Brief Mobzor History

Between the post, PBshots. Useless, and the post, PBshots, Slightly Less Useless, I talked to Andrew, the owner of mobzor.com.

He told me how he came up with the idea for a “myspace for paintball,” put the site online, and quickly found that at least two others had already implemented the same idea.

 His comments were very similar to those of James in the Slightly Less Useless post. “I don’t want mobzor.com to be a copycat site,” he said. He knows that he needs something to set Mobzor/PBshots apart from pbspace.com and paintballalliance.com, and he has a couple things that he is working on.

He said that as long as there is a demand for a paintball specific social networking site, mobzor.com will survive. “Mobzor’s alexa.com ranking is already higher than PBspace,” he said.  “Before the Mobzor site went down and switched from phpfox to phpizabi, Mobzor’s Alexa ranking was close to breaking the 1 million mark.”
(After the site crash, all data was lost and the site restarted with zero members)

By comparison, paintballalliance.com, with over 3,000 members, is ranked at 719,000 by Alexa, (paintballheadlines.com is ranked at 831,000 and pbnation.com is at 17,500).

Now that Paintballalliance has been auctioned off, it will be interesting to see how the future of paintball social networking unfolds.

PbShots, Slightly Less Useless

PbShots, the photo hosting site Mobzor launched, has upgraded their limits for free users.


Now, you have 1 GB (technically, 1000 MB, 24 MB short of a gig) of space, which is still half of what Photobucket offers. No mention of an increase in bandwidth though. But it still hilariously says the limit is 20/255 in the admin panel.


You probably want to edit that config.php file, guys.

In case anyone is wondering, they are using IMS Pro, though there is a chance they’re just using the Basic version. If you want to have your own image hosting site like PbShots, all you need it to pay $100 + ~$5 month. Then you can be all cool and think you have some great idea. Though you can easily find cheaper and free alternatives to IMS Pro, that are o so much better.

Please Mobzor, stop just buying crappy scripts, slapping some logos and ads on them, and try to be some great company. It’s not going to happen. Actually code something or have a new idea. All your ideas have been done before, better. Mobzor = Paintball Alliance, but with less people (I would add pbspace, but they suck worse than you), and PbShots = Jayloo, but crappier.

And sorry for the lack of posting. Just been taking a break from things. I promise they’ll pick up again in a few days.

PbShots. Useless.

MobZor, the social network site running phpFoX and now PHPizabi, has launched another turnkey site, PbShots, a paintball image hosting site.


It’s like Photobucket or Flickr, but crappier with horrible limits and only for a niche market. Like 20 MB of space, compared to 2 GB with Photobucket and 100 MB a month with Flickr. Or the 255 MB bandwidth limit (which is just under 13 people viewing your 20 MB limit), compared to 25 GB with Photobucket or unlimited with Flickr.

But if you don’t like those, you can upgrade for $3 a month, instead of using one of those better free services available that actually have a lot of experience with loads of traffic and image hosting, instead of just buying a script, slapping some logos on it, and trying to sell it.