PbShots, Slightly Less Useless

PbShots, the photo hosting site Mobzor launched, has upgraded their limits for free users.


Now, you have 1 GB (technically, 1000 MB, 24 MB short of a gig) of space, which is still half of what Photobucket offers. No mention of an increase in bandwidth though. But it still hilariously says the limit is 20/255 in the admin panel.


You probably want to edit that config.php file, guys.

In case anyone is wondering, they are using IMS Pro, though there is a chance they’re just using the Basic version. If you want to have your own image hosting site like PbShots, all you need it to pay $100 + ~$5 month. Then you can be all cool and think you have some great idea. Though you can easily find cheaper and free alternatives to IMS Pro, that are o so much better.

Please Mobzor, stop just buying crappy scripts, slapping some logos and ads on them, and try to be some great company. It’s not going to happen. Actually code something or have a new idea. All your ideas have been done before, better. Mobzor = Paintball Alliance, but with less people (I would add pbspace, but they suck worse than you), and PbShots = Jayloo, but crappier.

And sorry for the lack of posting. Just been taking a break from things. I promise they’ll pick up again in a few days.

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