PbShots. Useless.

MobZor, the social network site running phpFoX and now PHPizabi, has launched another turnkey site, PbShots, a paintball image hosting site.


It’s like Photobucket or Flickr, but crappier with horrible limits and only for a niche market. Like 20 MB of space, compared to 2 GB with Photobucket and 100 MB a month with Flickr. Or the 255 MB bandwidth limit (which is just under 13 people viewing your 20 MB limit), compared to 25 GB with Photobucket or unlimited with Flickr.

But if you don’t like those, you can upgrade for $3 a month, instead of using one of those better free services available that actually have a lot of experience with loads of traffic and image hosting, instead of just buying a script, slapping some logos on it, and trying to sell it.

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