Huzzah! New Theme!

After being too lazy to change the theme, and never finding a theme I actually liked, I decided to use some tutorial theme, since that’s what I was kinda looking for in the first place.

It went from a 1 column right theme to a 2 column right theme, and instead of black and whitish, it’s black, red, and white. I haven’t decided exactly what to with the columns yet. I’ll keep experimenting with different formats.

It works, just not a prettily, in IE 7. IE 6, surprisingly, seems to do a better job. If you’re using Firefox (or a Gecko based browser) or Safari, the corners should be rounded. Opera works the same, just without the rounded corners.

When I get it done to my satisfaction, I’ll release the source on my blog. The amount of changes were pretty minimal, but if someone really wanted to see it, I’m not going to stop them.

If you notice any problems, let me know.

Happy New Year!

No, we’re not dead, yet.

So I kinda slacked off toward the end of this year, mainly due to school and doing other things in my free time that wouldn’t really give me a chance to write a post.

But this year, I hope to change that, a New Year’s resolution of sorts. I’m going to try to post 3-7 posts a week. I’m going to try a post every weekday. Now, I’m not just going to make up news, so if there happens to be no real news, then posts might dry up due to that.

If you want to stay up to date with us, you can subscribe to our RSS feed or subscribe via email (sends only once a day with updated post(s)).

I’m also planning on adding a couple sections to this site, though nothing that should take away from the whole posting of news aspect, and also might develop and launch a few more paintball related sites. They probably won’t be game changing or anything, but they might be good for a couple of minutes of entertainment.

If you have any suggestions or complaints or are just angry, just comment away.

Anyways, hope you had fun tonight and the rest of the year will be even better.