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  1. G5 Paintball Owner has dropped the ball on paintball!

    Quote From G5paintball.com ”

    The paintball site has been on hold for quite some
    time and was not updated frequently, G5extreme will be! The Extreme Sports site will feature all the kick @$$ sports you enjoy: Paintball, Ultimate Fighting, Freestyle Motocross, Supercross, MMA plus much more.

    So instead of being better at what they suck badly at… they decide to suck at a bunch more things!

    Turning your audience to sports they don’t like will not help them be more excited about thier new website. You should write an article about this BS.
    -Your Secret Friend – Dr Pepper

  2. Thanks for the tip, but that does look like it was posted on February 17th of this year, and the last post on that “extreme” site was in April.

  3. Hey, I am the owner of the website of PbPixel.com, and I please ask you to delete this comment, there is no need to. I dont flame your website even if is not the best, so please dont do mine,



  4. Sadly, my favorite store, xPaintball.com has gone out of business. They have been in business online for MANY years and I think we should do something to make a tribute to them. I bought my first gun from them about 12 years ago and they have always been there, and now they are gone.

  5. @ Andrew, I have had a draft post written about xpaintball since when they first announced it, but haven’t finished it because I’ve been busy. I guess I’ll finish it up this weekend.

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