2008 Chicago PSP Results


1st – Tampa Bay Damage

2nd – Escondido/San Diego Aftermath

X-Ball D1:

1st – RNT Allstarz

2nd – Vicious

3rd – Damage D1

4th –  TX Justice League

X-Ball D2:

1st – Cross-eyed Paintball

2nd – Raiden

3rd – Fierce

4th – Warped Army

X-Ball D3:

1st – Velocity Wrecking Crew

2nd – Fierce Heat

3rd – DSSP8INTBALL.com

4th – Chicago Wise Guys

5-man D2:

1st – Team RNT

2nd – Dark Army

3rd – Rogue

4th – Pintura Fresca

5-man D3:

1st – Boom

2nd – Wyldside

3rd – PG Style

4th – Storm

5-man d4:

1st – Total Karnage Kids

2nd – Texas Select

3rd – 100 proof Paintball

4th – Vivid

I don’t know the scores from the all-star games but I do know that the East won the first 2 matches and the third went to the West(more than likely a mercy victory).

PSP River City Open Round Up

Another PSP is over, and like usual, not much happened. Bea Youngs tried her hand at micro-blogging, which was kinda interesting, but the format that it was presented was just lacking. This should’ve been posted yesterday, or really Sunday, but my connection has been a little quirky lately.

But, PBStar does have some footage of the event. I’ve embedded the 3 videos after the scores and jump.

Anyways, Russian Legion, err Boston Red Legion, won the event with Dynasty taking second and the Naughty Dogs and Ironmen filling out third and fourth.

Here are the scores


  1. Boston Red Legion
  2. Dynasty
  3. Naughty Dogs
  4. Ironmen


  1. Avalanche X
  2. San Diego Aftermath
  3. Team Impact
  4. Tampa Bay Damage

D2 Xball

  1. Drama Paintball
  3. TX Justice League
  4. The Caste

D3 Xball

  1. DBS Kidz
  2. Hershey Heat

D3 5-Man

  1. No Limit
  2. Disposable Heroes
  3. Team Encounter
  4. PBD

D4 5-Man

    1. WHO WHAT
    2. DBS Paintball.com
    3. Marked for Life
    4. Chicago WiseGuys 2

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