Bea Youngs Covering The NXL Via Blog


Bea Youngs is going to cover the NXL on She’s going to be covering NXL matches, so I assume she’ll post something like, team x beat team y XX to YY points, and maybe, if something interesting happens, she’ll mention that. It might be entertaining for a bit.

Though, of course, I have to critique everything.

First, only half of the links really work. Want to read the comments of a post? Click the ‘Read More’ image. Nothing else will get you there. Then visited links will have strike-through through them, which just seems stupid.

It doesn’t really look too bad, except that the header takes up nearly all of the view port at the beginning, so you’ll be scrolling a lot to read anything.

But most the annoying part is that there is no RSS feed, or at least one I could find. The CMS has RSS feed support, so why aren’t you using it? If you do, I’ll guarantee you’ll have at least one subscriber.

Anyways, this isn’t the best way to do it at all. First, in order to update, you have to have a computer with internet access, unless you have nice smart phone. So updates are probably not going to be that frequent.

What you’re doing, or at least what I think you’re trying to do, is micro-blog, sending short messages about your status and what’s going on using something like Twitter which will allow you to update via text messages. You can now update whenever and wherever.

Now, if anyone wants to actually do micro-blogging with Twitter (or a clone), let me know. I’ll gladly write about it and promote it.

If you’re wondering, they’re using ExpressionEngine, which I’ve never really heard of, though it’s pretty obvious I haven’t been missing anything. WordPress is a much better choice.

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