Exalt Paintball Cleats

Exalt has designed a pair of paintball specific cleats. These cleats are targeted towards tournament players, as these shoes are built for speed, traction, and durability. They are modeled after track shoes, spikes in the front and very lightweight. Unlike track shoes though, the exalt cleats do not have metal spikes, seeing that in most places metal spikes are illegal, instead there are golf cleats which are very good for traction on turf.

Sizes available are 9,10,11, and 12 (The fitting is similar to casual shoes, if you wear size 11 for casual shoes; choose the size 11 for the Exalt Cleats. If you are a size 10.5 or 10 in casual shoes; choose size 10 for the Exalt Cleats)

Included with the cleats
– 1 Cleat Bag
– 1 set of plastic golf spikes (installed)
– 1 set of rounded aluminum/plastic spikes
– spare spikes and spike tool.

The price for these shoes is $80.00 *Exalt is located in Canada so shipping may cost a bit and could possibly take a while to be shipped to your door. Not really sure, I have never purchased anything from a business based in Canada.

Overall, these cleats look nice and very well made. If I had extra money to spare, I would pick up a pair of these for myself.

Exalt Paintball – More Info – New ASA Coming

Just got a reply back from my email (Thanks, very fast reply), and I have some more information.

First, the 2 websites I posted (exaltpbonline.com and exaltstore.com) were abandoned. But, their official site will be up next week. I’ll post again when I see that it’s up.

Next, he supplied me with a picture of the ASA that will be coming out when the site is online. It is the one shown in the pictures and the rendering.


Hopefully we hear more from this new company.

New Gun by Exalt Paintball

exalt-gun.jpgPictures of a new gun called by some company called Exalt Paintball appeared today. Currently, very little is known about it. It looks like some sort of Shocker or Quest, but it’s from a brand new company.

Update – Owner replied to my email, read the new post


Not much, if anything is really known about it, but it looks to be from a Canadian company called Exalt Paintball. Why Canadian? The team shooting them is the Toronto Mavericks. It’s also supposed to be lighter than a mini.


It seems that Exalt has 2 websites up. One being a store, and the other informational, though neither have any useful information on them, and are still very much “under construction.”

The first is at stores.exaltstore.com. It only has the message stating that their online store is closed, but it does have the same logo that is seen on the hopper.


The second site is exaltpbonline.com, which still has default text prevalent. On the about page, a rendering of an ASA is shown (mirror), which looks a lot like the ASA that is on the gun.


exaltstore.com is owned by someone named Ed Evans. Not sure who he is and a Google search didn’t turn up much, but according to the whois, he is located in Woodville, Ontario. exaltpbonline.com is owned by hostpapa.ca. Not sure why this is, but I’m guessing they want to keep the domain they “give” you. But this basically confirms that it’s a Canadian company.

Hopefully, more information about this new paintball gun will surface soon. I put in an email with Ed Evans seeing if he wants to comment.

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