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Register before Monday, March 9th and Save up to $100!
Team Entries for the Surf City Open will increase by $100 per 7-man team and $50 per 5-man team on Monday, March 9th. Pay for your team in full before Monday to avoid paying this price hike!

Pay with a Credit Card
You can now use a major credit card to pay for your Team Entry and ID Cards. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards are now all accepted methods of payment as well as the PayPal method.

Track the Team Sign-Ups
Want to know who you’re competing against? Over 80 teams from around the world have signed up for the April 3 – 5 event on the famous beach. To view the teams registered so far, click here and select “Huntington Beach”. This season opener will be capped off at 130 teams, so teams will need to register as soon as possible to secure a spot in this highly anticipated event!

We will be selling all major paintball brands at the tournament. All Paintballs will be kept in a climate controlled environment. Paintballs will be sold at the event at a price between $35.00 and $55.00 depending on brand of balls. If your team has a paintball sponsorship the League will work with sponsored team and sponsor to ensure you get your deal at the event.

We are implementing a new area in the player paddocks where you can pick up your paintballs on a case by case basis. This system in combination with the new schedule should make it easier to keep your paintballs fresh and available.

Upon on-line registration, the league will contact you to find out what brand your team will use and how many cases of Paintballs your team will require for the preliminary games.

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