National Paintball Scene: No More?

These are just some rumors I heard but if they turn out to be right then national tournaments in paintball could be no more.

The first rumor is that PSP could possibly be going under after MAO, as MAO could be the last PSP event. My source told me that PSP has a $300,000 debt and has not been able to pay it. PSP was hoping, since NPPL went bankrupt, that the Phoenix open and MAO would bring in more teams and help pay off their debt but the Phoenix open only brought in the average amount of teams and MAO will probably do the same.

The second rumor is that USPL Surf City Open in Huntington Beach may not happen either because not that many divisional teams have registered and paid. The fact that the event is held on the beach makes renting the venue expensive and with not enough teams, USPL can’t pay for it, so….

4 thoughts on “National Paintball Scene: No More?”

  1. There might be something to this… For the past few weeks there has been “rumors” and just “he said/she said” kind of stuff flying around the circles of paintball here in Europe.

    What was said was more then a dozen big name teams in the US had members that were looking to either join/start teams here in Europe and were scouting very quietly around for possible endorsements and work/live contracts within the European Union.

    Now hearing about this and putting both together it might make more sense.

  2. is it Time for some unified regional leagues to step up and create a standard across the nation to then send one team or top x tems to a final event?

  3. Maybe if the paintball industry would stop fucking us price wise (40-80$)for case of paint, then this shit wouldn’t happen. it’s no the economy it’s the fact that it costs 80 bucks to go play.

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