Sexy Paintball Webcast

Splat magazine will bring you the sexiest paintball related webcast ever. The webcast will be of a photoshoot with the girls of paintball. The webcast will be on October 18, 2008 from 11am – 4pm. The best part of this webcast is that it’s free and the theme for the shoot is “bedroom fantasy”.

Some girls for the shoot:

Kat Secor – 2007 Female Player of the Year

Kat Gong – Founder of the first all female paintball team, The Fallen Angels

Clare Benavides – original AGD spokesperson

Savannah Neveux – Straight up hot ass walk on player and apparently a member of the paintball industry

One thought on “Sexy Paintball Webcast”

  1. Oh My God!
    Why are there so many hot girls but there are never any my age….why…….?
    I love piantball but EVEN more I LOVE HOT PAINTBALL GIRLS!!!!!!

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