2008 PSP World Cup Premium Seats

PSP is bringing back their Premium seating for World Cup 2008. The seating is covered platforms that have been raised 10ft in the air and are located on both sides of the NXL scoreboard. Each box has a maximum capacity of 8 seats that are away from spectator coaching. In addition to the shading seating, premium seat ticket holders get an event t-shirt and on Saturday and Sunday, get complimentary beverages and snacks that will be distributed by the PSP girls. Wifi will also be available with these seats.

Another perk of getting these premium seats is that you can stay up to date with NXL scores even if you aren’t in your seat because you can recieve the scores immediately after the match on your cell phone. (I assume it’ll be via text message.) Not only do you get all that was previously mentioned but you also get a back stage pass to the players pit, where you can mingle with the pros and divisional players.

There’s even more of a bonus with the purchase of these premium seating tickets. One, you get special coupons for some of the major vendors. A great way to pick some of the new items for 2009. Two, you get comlimentary bag check-in service. And if you buy two premium seat tickets, you get reserved up-front parking for the whole week.

Individual Tickets cost $295

Private box seating is also available for those big spenders. Private boxes get four extra seats in their box, making it a total of twelve seats total in your private premium box seating. With a private box, you may hang a company sign on it for some extra advertising. Contact Keely Watson at [email protected] for more information or to reserve your private box today.

Tickets may be available on site on a daily basis
Wednesday – Friday – $60 each
Saturday – $75 each
Sunday  Р$100 each

Sounds like it’s definitely one-upping the grandstands at NEO

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