Virtue Crown Available for the Rotor


The Virtue Crown for the Rotor includes 3 parts: Locking Ring, Crown, and the Rotor Lid Adapter. All 3 parts (included) are necessary.

Rotor Crown Features:

* Ultra Soft version: Available in new, durable, sag-resistant colors. Feed lightening fast while keep most paint in securely.
* Standard version: Available in black. Feed quickly, once you master the learning curve, and never lose a ball again.
* Reliable, durable elastomer construction.
* Increases hopper capacity by 15 to 20 extra balls.
* Easy Open & Close lid functionality (with future Rain Cover upgrade).
* Secure Locking Ring w/ new enhanced thumbscrew.
* Heavy-duty plastic lid adapter with pin.

The Crown is available in two types of Elastomer. Neither is “best”, decide based on your style of play.

Ultra Soft Elastomer:
The fastest reload with a low chance of paint coming out. Ultra Soft Elastomer keeps paint from coming out under most conditions, but vigorous shaking may lose a few balls. Note: Our new Ultra Soft Elastomer Color Crowns is a special formula that minimizes sagging and drooping over time.

Standard Elastomer:
Offers a quick reload with NO chance of paint coming out. Rigid, but flexible Elastomer lets NO balls out, even with the most vigorous shaking.

From my experience, the crown is a solid quick feed system. It is much better than most of quick feed systems for hoppers out there; the only one I think is just as good is the speed feed from Exalt.

I’ve also heard from some players that the quick feed apparatus from Dye isn’t all that great. They have said that it has broken on them a few times, proving to be unreliable.

Prices for the Crown:
From Virtue – standard = 24.99
From Virtue – Ultra soft = 31.99

From Action Village – standard = 19.99

From Action Village – Ultra Soft = 26.99

Price of Quick feed – 29.95