Pro Updates for DC Challenege

The Naughty Dogs are back playing 7-man in the USPL and playing in the pro division starting at the DC Challenge.

Teams have the chance to practice with Arsenal this weekend and next weekend at PEVS. If you want to join in all the fun, your team must register in advance by calling (703) 327-7640.

USPL West Coast Open Scores

Pump Open 5-man
1st LA
2nd – Old School
3rd Hard Eight Featuring Flipped Out

Division 3 5man
1st The KGB Mob
2nd Team RIP
3rd Good for Nothing
4th Fresno Misfits

Division 3 7man
1st Impact Kids
3rd Rockstar Wrecking Crew
4th L.A. Distraction

Division 2 7man
1st Senate
2nd Infamy
3rd Arsenal Predators
4th Monster Hitman

Division 1 7man
1st Dynasty Entourage
2nd Arsenal Evolution
3rd Hollywood HK
4th Warped Army

1st DC Arsenal
2nd St. Louis Avalanche
3rd San Antonio X-Factor
4th Oakland Blast