Macdev Cyborg RX

World Cup started today and with the start of cup, Macdev has released the all new Cyborg RX.


– Length – 522mm w/14″ barrel or 20.6 in
– Width – 30mm or 1.18 in
– Height – 220mm or 8.66 in
– Weight – 960g/ 2.1 lbs
– Barrel Thread – Cocker
– Operating Pressure – 180-200psi
– 9v battery
– Fire modes – NXL, Semi, PSP, Response, Burst, Full Auto
– Mini USB


Loader Shell for Every Loader

SPO Gear has developed a loader shell that will fit the majority of the loaders out on the market, the VLocity, VLocity jr., Halo B, Reloader B, and the magna. Supposedly it will also come with two tops, one with a speed feed like design and a the other being a traditional flip lid. SPO gear will be making the shells but Macdev will be the distributors.