4 thoughts on “The MacDev Droid”

  1. Wow! Please try to be informed before posting something like this again. Although the Droid is a spool-valve marker (like the Shocker), that’s about where it ends. It’s an entirely different design pretty much all around and gets 1700+ (with fairly reliable reports of 1900-2000) shots off a 68/4500 and I have yet to hear of a Shocker that even comes close to that. And that’s not even considering that MacDev actually has this thing called “Business Ethics.”

  2. I have one and 2 shockers, and frankly it’s very akin to a shocker. The bolt system is different, but if you look at the solenoid, hole line up etc, it’s very similiar. More importantly the performance is very similar.
    As for shot counts, the HE shockers which are now stock, can compete on shot counts. I’m still breaking in the Droid, but the shot count has been around 1500, but not more. I get that from both my shockers off the same fills.
    The whole gas hog thing with shockers was annoying to me because at the same time the DM5 was getting terrible gas efficiency, but no one was whining about it because of the supposed villainy of Smart Parts.

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    How much do I plan on making this or next week?


    Don’t think it’s my means to be sponsoring anything. Good initiative though.

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