2010 NPPL/USPL Dates

Huntington Beach, CA April 9 – 11, 2010
Spring Break, On the Beach
Kicking off the season once again on the beach of Huntington Beach, California – during Spring Break – the NPPL Surf City Open will be along the south side of the famous HB Pier with 100,000 spring breakers hanging out on the beach, watching you play paintball on April 9 – 11, 2010. This event has been voted year after year as the most popular paintball event in the world. Tens of thousands of spectators fill the busy tradeshow and cheer from the packed stands as they watch their favorite teams from around the world compete on the greatest stage in Paintball history. This is the event you don’t want to miss. Paintball does not get any better than this with the insane trade show, parties, shopping, sunny Southern California weather and Disneyland is only a 30 minute drive away. Teams can register through the mail at any time with a check or money order. See www.NPPL.com for more details.

Chicago, IL May 29 – 31, 2010
CPX Sports, Living Legends plus NPPL
The NPPL Super 7 World Series will be returning to Chicago, Illinois Memorial Day Weekend! What’s even better is that this event will be held in conjunction with one of the greatest Scenario Big Games in Paintball – Living Legends at CPX Sports. To run fluidly along with the Living Legends event, and to make the most of the holiday weekend, the NPPL Super 7 event will take place on Saturday and Sunday with all final games being played on Monday, Memorial Day. This is a change from the traditional Friday through Sunday format, but we know that students will appreciate not having to miss School to compete in this event! This will truly be an event for the history books with over 3,000 players expected to compete. For more information on Chicago’s Premier Paintball Field, visit www.cpxsports.com

Washington D.C. August 6 – 8, 2010
Pevs Paintball Park
Being labeled as the top tournament paintball park and practice training facility in the Nation, Pevs Paintball Park boasts nothing but state of the art facilities and amenities that, when coupled with their fantastic staff, make NPPL events at Pev’s a great experience. Being located just minutes from all the historic sites of Washington D.C. makes this a great event for friends and family to attend as well. Frank Connell of Professional team St. Louis Avalanche put it best by stating “The D.C. Challenge presented by the NPPL and Pev’s Paintball was by far the best run paintball tournament I have ever attended in my 15 years of playing Professional Paintball. The venue was superb and the playing turf was pristine. I was impressed with the support from the county and local companies in Virginia that was given for the event.” Huge statewide support including sponsorship from Land Rover and many other businesses can be expected once again at Pevs. This year will also include an All Star Event matching East Coast vs West Coast. Visit www.NPPL.com for all the exciting details! For more information on Pev’s Paintball Park, or to set up a team practice, visit www.pevs.com.

Las Vegas, NV October 2010
World Championships On the Vegas Strip
The surprise of the 2009 season was the league landing the greatest venue for exposing our sport to the masses – and we are excited to return to the world-famous Las Vegas strip in 2010! All teams are welcome to compete in this World Championship event to see how they fair against teams from around the world. Come and shop the tradeshow with all of the 2011 gear straight from the manufacturers! Come and watch the top teams from around the world face off for the World Championship Title! Player parties, industry parties, celebrity poker tournament… the NPPL Super 7 World Championship in Las Vegas is the party of the year! Don’t miss out!

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