USPL Now Supplying Batteries

Having your gun or hopper go down in the middle of a game because it was low on batteries sucks. So, USPL has you covered as long as you pre-order the batteries.

Here’s how it works:
1) Select one of the following options
2) Fill out the form below and email to [email protected] before May 4th, 2009 (copy and paste it into an email)
3) Pick up your package at the US Paintball League Registration Tent at the event!

2009 Battery Order Form – DC Challenge

Please complete this form and email to [email protected], the preorder deadline for the DC Challenge event is May 4th, 2009. Your batteries will be available for pick up during check-in at the US Paintball League registration tent.

Contact details
Team Name ________________________________
Division ___________________________________
Contact ________________________________________Cell Phone (_____) ______________
City __________________________________ State________________ Zip__________
Email Address_____________________________________________Website_________________

______Pack USPL 1   (12) 9V Alkaline &  (72) AA Alkaline (12 packs of 6AA) $75 Price (instead of $102)

______Pack USPL 2   (24) 9V Alkaline &  (0) AA Alkaline (0 packs of 6AA) $60 Price (instead of $84)

______ Prepayment via Paypal to our paypal account [email protected]
______ Payment during the event

Please send the above form to [email protected]

4 thoughts on “USPL Now Supplying Batteries”

  1. you could but these are supposedly paintball oriented batteries(I honestly don’t know if there really is a difference) and they’re at a discounted price.

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