USPL Surf City Open

USPL is off to a start with their first event in Huntington Beach, California. Registration for this event begins on February 16, 2009 and will be capped at 130 teams. Seeing as their was probably 130 D2 and D3 teams at the NPPL huntington Beach event last year, I suggest that your team register and pay as soon as possible. At this time,  no site, phone number, or address has been set up for registration.

– Professional (Invite Only)
– Division 1 7-man entry $2,350
– Division 2 7-man entry $2,150
– Division 3 7-man entry $1,850
– Division 3 5-man entry $1,100

– Professional – Anyone on a 2009 pro USPL roster or 2009 NXL roster
– Semi-Pro – Anyone that played pro in 2008 but is not on a 2009 pro roster
– D1 –
Unlimited D1 players, unlimited SP players and up to 2 Pro players
– D2 –
All D2 players, up to two D1 players, no SP or Pro players
– D3 –
Only D3 players
– 5-man –
Cannot have any NPPL experience (this classifies them as D3 5-man) with the exception of up to one D3 7-man player.

I have no info, at the moment, on what the roster caps will be for the USPL nor do I know if they are going to use the NPPL player database for confirmation on a player’s divisional status.


Division 1
1st $9,000.00
2nd $4,250.00
3rd $2,250.00
4th $1,500.00

Division 2
1st $6,500.00
2nd $3,250.00
3rd $2,000.00
4th $1,000.00

Division 3
1st $4,250.00
2nd $2,250.00
3rd $1,250.00
4th $750.00

Division 3 5-man
1st $2,000.00
2nd $1,500.00
3rd $1,000.00
4th $500.00

Not sure if there are going to be series prizes.

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