Kee and Hater Team Up

Hater Paintball LLC
December 1, 2008

KEE Action Sports and HATER Paintball Enter into Strategic Alliance

Sewell, NJ, December 1, 2008. KEE Action Sports LLC. KEE Action Sports LLC and HATER Paintball LLC, announce an agreement whereby KEE has become the exclusive, world-wide distributor of all HATER electronic products. The license agreement gives KEE access to the most advanced electronic technology in the paintball industry and provides HATER access to the broadest sales network in the marketplace though KEE.

All HATRED marker boards and SYMBIO wireless loader boards will now be obtained directly through KEE Action Sports. Non-electronic HATER products will continue to be distributed directly through HATER.

Under the new arrangement the combined engineering efforts of KEE and HATER will result in the creation of next generation technologies for paintball electronics. Included in this new product line up will be the new VICI Electronic Platform™, scheduled to release in the coming months, which will bring the most advance electronics to the market.

KEE Action Sports LLC is the worldwide leader in the distribution of paintball sporting goods and the manufacturer and exclusive source for RPS®, Empire®, Invert™, Invert™ MINI™, BT Paintball™, HALO®, EVIL®, and Pure Energy® brand products.

HATER Paintball LLC, based in Kissimmee, Florida, is the industry leader in high-end paintball electronics. HATER similarly is the manufacturer of various other paintball products including the Hater Sauce and Marmalade paintball lubricants, Gun Graffiti barrel bands, and various paintball lifestyle products.

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