Ollie Lang’s Power Paintball

Looks like Ollie Lang has ventured into teaching paintball via the book platform. (powerpaintball.net) This book is supposed to let you know all the little secrets it takes to play paintball like the #1 pro, Ollie Lang.

The book costs $19.95 but if you do not want to pay for it then you can sign up for 7 free Ironmen drills.

I’m not exactly how legit this is so order at your own risk.

Pretty sure it’s not legit at all. The page is setup the same way all the spam ebooks are setup. Most likely just copied and pasted from something. So, I really wouldn’t suggest buying this. –James

3 thoughts on “Ollie Lang’s Power Paintball”

  1. i wanna buy it and subscribe but where do you subscribe for the fee ironmen tips? and where can i buy it?

    thank you for the help

    buying forsure though

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