Sly Profit

Sly introduces a new mask to the paintball market, the Profit.

– Every SLY PROFIT Goggle System comes equipped from the factory with a thermal sealed, gradient lens, fading from a deep, rich smoke to crystal clear. This offers optimal shading from glare, UV, and infrared light at a distance, with crystal clear up close, downward vision for those tiny gun LCDs or your game timer.
– NEW 3M-Engineered sealed thermal gasket system equipped in every SLY Profit Goggle. This new impenetrable white thermal seal offers the ultimate seal against moisture and paint seepage between lens layers.
– Clear lens available cloudy or rainy-day play (low-light conditions)
– Amber lens available for ULTRA low-light conditions (indoor or night play)
– Industry-first gradient mirrored lens, for those bright, eye squinting summer practices where you still need to see up close.

Colors Available: Liquid Black, Pearl White, SLY Digi-Camo, Dust Blue, Dust Red, Dust Titanium

Price: $89.95

SLY LE Diesel Barrels



SLY has released the limited edition team barrels. These barrels are of limited release only so get them while you can. At the moment, the Infamous edition is the only one available for purchase and only in North America and Europe.

– .689 and .692 bores
– dual carbon tip
– barrel bag
– thermoformed, flared carbon tip
– Stain Resistant
– Diesel Back Adapter System
– SLY barrel wrap included