More Tournament Dates

Todays news is just about as exciting as yesterdays and just about as old.

First we have the PSP, which sadly, isn’t coming anywhere near Texas.

Event #1
Dates: March 6th-9th
Location: TBD – Phoenix, AZ or Southern California
Mid-Atlantic Open
Dates: May 8th-11th
Location: PBC Sports Park, Rock Hill, SC
Chicago Open
Dates: June 25th-29th
Location: Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Center, Bolingbrook, IL
Northeast Open
Dates: August 14th-17th
Location: All American Paintball Park, Greensburg, PA
World Cup*
Dates: October 20th-26th
Location: Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex, Orlando, FL

The we have the Millennium Series, which has a huge lake between it and Texas.

4th – 6th of April: Iberia
23rd – 25th of May: London or Germany
4th – 6th of July: Toulouse
5th – 7th of September: Germany or London
10th – 12th of October: Paris

Then we have the NEPL, which manages to stay almost 2000 miles away the whole time, assuming they’re at Cape Cod Paintball for each event like last time.

Event 1: April 27, 2008
Event 2: June 8, 2008
Event 3: August 3, 2008
Event 4: September 14, 2008
Event 5: November 2, 2008

Sorry for the lackluster posts. This isn’t too much of a triumphant return. News should start picking up sometime soon hopefully.