Furious Powercells Official Battery Sponsor of NPPL

Furious Paintball and the NPPL have teamed up to provide teams with
paintball specific batteries at all NPPL events.

Furious Powercells batteries are specially designed for paintball
equipment and are compatible with all loaders and markers.

With everyone looking to save as much money as possible in the
current economic climate and with batteries being a necessity for
optimal performance during tournaments, Furious Powercells are able
to last longer than batteries bought from a local supermarket at more
affordable prices with twice the lasting ability. Having fresh
batteries in markers and loaders before every major tournament is a
standard for every competing team. Add in with the practices, the
amount of money spent on batteries do add up. This affiliation would
enable teams to get more bang for their dollars.

“We’re trying all sorts of creative ways to help teams play Paintball
in 2011” says Junior Brown, NPPL’s director of sponsorship. That is
why you will see samples of AA and 9v Furious’s PowerCell batteries
in all team packs available at the NPPL registration booth for free.

Because Furious PowerCells have a higher amperage rating, you will
change them less and enabling the batteries to last longer than
traditional batteries off the shelves.

“Our PowerCell batteries are designed for paintball equipment which
have high energy requirements” Matthew Nekvapil, CEO of Furious
Paintball explains. He continues by saying that paintball markers and
loaders drain batteries very fast and traditional batteries bought in
supermarkets end up dead faster.

Furious PowerCells are designed to last longer and more importantly
cost less than more expensive name brand batteries. Another new
feature of the batteries is that they are packed in an environmentally friendly packaging.
With teams going through a lot of batteries, it makes sense to
eliminate all the cardboard and plastic that come with new batteries.
Furious PowerCells are now packed in blister packing enabling one to
pack new batteries in a gear bag without taking up much space.

The batteries will be available at all NPPL events for 2011 at a
designated battery booth in both AA and 9v sizes.

About Furious Paintball

Furious Paintball is a manufacturer of the almost famous Lotus
paintball barrels and PowerCell batteries designed for paintball equipment.