Counterfeiting Guerrilla Regs. According to ANS Gear, it’s the cool thing to do now-a-days!

It seems some people out there are out there counterfeiting little ol’ Guerrilla Air. Oh noes!

According to a thread on PbNation, then a couple more, followed by a hundred more, ANS Gear is selling a Guerrilla Air Myth tank regulator that isn’t a Guerrilla Air regulator at all.

So some people call up ANS Gear, and their all like, “Yo, this is a fake.” And ANS is all like, “No, you guys are crazy. It’s all good”. Then Guerrilla is all like, “WTF? These regs are bogus.” Then ANS is all like, “Oh no you didn’t, cosmetics don’t matter, it’s the same.” Then Guerrilla comes back and posts on their site that counterfeit regs are being sold and shows the differences. Then ANS is all like, “Oh, these aren’t Guerrilla, we got them from the same manufacturer though, so they’re basically the same.” Then everyone is all like, “You guys are idiots.”

So it seems the shady looking (.net and .org too) and are, in fact, shady. Who da thunk it? And to the people who bought it, when something is over half off for no good reason, there might be something up.