Make ’em Hurt

Make ’em Hurt is brought to you by Planet Eclipse and is the first online video in a collection of 10minute videos. The following videos will be released on a monthly basis. Each episode will be available for download on iTunes in the podcast section; just search for planet eclipse.

Make ’em Hurt follows Chicago Aftershock at the 2010 PSP Phoenix and is narrated by Matty Marshall.

On a side note, at the beginning when the crowd in the stands is being shown, that’s me and 2 of my teammates walking in front of the camera.

PSP Phoenix Scores

1st – Edmonton Impact
2nd – Tampa Bay Damage
3rd – Chicago Aftershock
4th – LA Infamous

2nd – RNT All Starz
3rd – San Diego Aftermath
4th – Sk Moscow

Division 1:
1st – Palm Beach Venom
2nd – Total Karnage Orlando
3rd – DBS Kidz
4th – L.I.F.T

Division 2:
1st – Boom
2nd – Nu School Wrecking Crew
3rd – VcK
4th – Noble

Division 3:
2nd – Hellcats
3rd – Coalition
4th – Topgun Union

Division 4:
1st – MPS Kids
2nd – Tampa Bay Vengence

Division 3 5-man:
1st – Golden State Pirates
2nd – Chicago Wiseguys
3rd – Outbreak TX
4th – Puppy Control

Division 4 5-man:
1st – Dallas Lethal
2nd – Atlanta Breakout
3rd – Nu School Wrecking Crew Kids
4th – Friendly Fire

Congratulations to all the teams that won this event especially to the Texas teams; Vck, Outbreak, and Lethal.