TechPB Apparently Has A New Site Coming

So, some guy emailed a video of his finding of the new First, I didn’t know TechPB had a site, nor have really ever paid attention to TechPB, and second, it’s located at

Probably wasn’t supposed to mention that, but it’s indexed by the Googles, so whatever.

Anyways, it’s a Joomla powered site. The application with the most known security vulnerabilities last year. The menus seem to be done in flash, an incredibly horrible choice.

There is no RSS feed, so I probably won’t be reading anything from them unless they get that done.

There’s a forum running Fireboard, which I’ve never heard of, but it seems pretty lacking.

They have some other sections like gear, game footage, opinions, and a manuals section. The manuals section seems decent, but there’s nothing too great or interesting.

In the video, it says that it used a different approach to ads, which is kinda true. You’ll various other sites with the stupid folding ads thing. It’s actually pretty annoying since it uses a good amount of CPU, and depending on your platform or browser, it’ll screw up the layout of the page.

The sites definitely not ready for public consumption, and they have a lot of work still to do, but I think it could be an okay site. I don’t think it’s going to be a major goto site, but it’ll have some following.

Update: It seems that they at least moved it, so that link doesn’t work any more. Also, changed the logo as per request via Mike, and actually did it since he asked in a totally cool way.