Legacy Leaving NXL, Gary Shows Quitting Paintball

Chalk this one up on the rumor board. Legacy is leaving the NXL due mainly to monetary reasons, and Gary Shows is quitting paintball. Legacy placed 13th in Chicago standing 14th overall this year. The sources reporting the Legacy departure seem pretty reliable so I’m leaning toward that this is true. But, the Gary Shows rumor has only been mentioned a couple of times by not so reliable people.

I’ll keep an eye on this one and report back any new developments.

ST!FFI Now In Bed With Greg Hastings

Or a strategic alliance. Whatever you want to call it, they’ll have some sexy children.

Basically that’s it. They manage to pad that out to 7 paragraphs in their press release by saying Greg is really cool and popular, mostly due to those badass games in his name, and that they’re also cool like him and make a super cool barrel.

Congrats, Greg, on getting a ST!FFI.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


New PSP Apparel… by Virtue

Apparently Virtue is now making clothing for the PSP. Not sure why a board company is making clothing for other companies, but I’m not going to complain, since they gave us some good pictures of the ever so sexy Keely Watson.




They have more than just girl’s shirts, but they don’t have Keely Watson in them. If you want to check the complete line, you can here.