National Paintball Players Association – NPPL’s New ID Registration

The NPPL is proud to announce the release of a new registration software program and website to manage and control team and player registrations, player rankings and other tournament data management needs.

This new website was constructed with input from present and future affiliate leagues, NPPL teams, players, and other industry professionals. The site and its databases will continually update and improve as we move forward with 2011 registrations and the uploading of previous years NPPL event data. The site will also include player data from other top tier North American Paintball leagues, and will allow for other regional paintball series to use the system as we move forward.

We have included functions that Paintball players expect from an online paintball registration site and much more. This system will not monopolize player data, and will be “open sourced” so anyone can look up a players rank and history by searching by player name or team name. We strongly believe player rankings belong to the sport, and not to an individual company.

In the next few months we will launch some revolutionary features to further enhance the website, the NPPL and its affiliate leagues.

The site was designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate, if you have trouble our tech team is standing by to answer your questions or comments, please visit the contact page for info.

To check out the new site visit

The NPPL and our team of professionals will continue to invest time and resources to make tournament paintball play enjoyable, safe and competitive no matter what you’re skill level.

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